Smart Dealers – Wireless EMS Technology

Smart Dealers Sports Equipment is a licensed and certified sports equipment dealer offering advanced technology such as Easy Motion Skin – EMS in Dubai, UAE. Smart Dealers has introduced Easy Motion Skin – the first wearable wireless EMS training device that virtually exercises the muscles and has been stated as the best muscle stimulators on the market.

Smart Dealers presents German manufactured EMS Technology Easy Motion Skin –  a wearable EMS fitness system. With superior buying opportunities, compact inventories as well as dealership programs, come become a part of a groundbreaking fitness industry with us and take the prospect of engaging in several EMS training benefits. We are the only dealers of Easy Motion Skin – the wireless and the best EMS muscle stimulator of the Middle East. We propose the latest German technology that has been fabricated through high-tech machines and embodied with sophisticated simulative sensors. This pioneering fitness product also encompasses of heating elements, indicators and battery charging devices – as an all-in-one product.

Why Smart Dealers?

Smart Dealers is the authorized local distributor for Easy Motion Skin of Middles East in UAE. Smart Planner has been established under the chairmanship of Mr. Hashim Al Hashimi, Mr. Saeed Khalifa and Mr. Muaid Bakir, who is also the representing CEO of the company. We at Smart Dealers ascertains that the quality of smart fitness must be met with the necessary electronic implications and high-end executions. We also offer A-Z solutions and a 360-degree service orientation when you decide to start a gym dedicated to EMS technology. From finding you the ideal location to start an EMS gym to getting your interiors done; from advertising and promoting the brand to instructing your trainers about the EMS modules – Smart Dealers does it all!

Why Easy Motion Skin?

Easy Motion Skin (EMS) is a fitness electrical muscle stimulation device manufactured in Germany, that makes use of low-level electrical currents. Easy Motion Skin enables an easy, convenient and fast way of highly intensified training with wireless bluetooth gesticulation, integrated iOS application, collaborative workout session using the EMS training suit, sustainable durability with Li-lon battery and much more.

Easy Motion Skin has weight loss and electric muscle stimulation benefits – which has gathered a huge demand among youngsters chasing the desire to become fit irrespective of their busy schedule. Also, the elderly people with physical impairments or at probable risks can make use of Easy Motion Skin as it works towards rehabilitation. Created and assembled by some of the well-known scientists from Germany, the intensive strength training device acts as a virtual session and involves no real weights, omitting the treacherous pressure on joints and spinal discs.

Here is an analysis for  Easy Motion Skin in comparison to the other EMS systems available in the market:

Easy Motion Skin – EMS Other EMS Systems
World’s First Wireless EMS Training Wire Bound EMS Devices
Dynamic EMS Training Modules System Controlled EMS Training Suit
Studio and Private Home Edition No Private Training, only Available at Gyms
Freedom with Bluetooth Connectivity Limited Freedom
Ultra-Motion Skin Flappy Wired Skin
Li-lon battery lasts for 30 sessions Limited Battery lasts for one to two sessions
IOS APP for complete training & support No Integration of Phone Applications
Aid with logistics to establish an EMS Gym No intervention in terms of logistics


Where to find EMS Technologies?

Easy Motion Skin is exclusively available at Smart Dealers Sports Equipment LLC. We are situated at Al Jadaf, Jumeirah and Nad Al Hamar. We are the only sports dealer in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East to offer Easy Motion Skin -the innovative wireless EMS technology.

Smart Dealers Sports Equipment offers an EMS Technology that is unconventional and provides instant gratification through weight loss and muscle toning.

Find us now to experience Easy Motion Skin yourself!