Smart Dealers Sports Equipment introduces Easy Motion Skin – a unique training suit that offers weight loss and an amazing toned body instantaneously. You can buy Easy Motion Skin – Private Edition and do not even require to visit the gym with Smart Dealers.

Easy Motion Skin – Private Edition

Smart Dealers Sports Equipment emphasizes the health benefits of wearable technology through Easy Motion Skin. Using Easy Motion Skin can be advantageous as you can lose those extra pounds and makes the most of the time invested on workout routines within a few sessions, like no other product in the market till date! For the first time in UAE, Smart Dealers Sports Equipment showcases Easy Motion Skin – a private wireless EMS technology that makes fitness easier in least time possible and anywhere for that matters! Easy Motion Skin is not like any other cheap electro muscle stimulator in UAE but is been used by renowned professional sportspersons and athletes from around the world. And for such leading celebrities and individuals with busy schedules the best way to lose weight is through Easy Motion Skin – Private Edition.


Check out the three product of the Easy Motion Skin – Private Edition:


Easy Motion Skin

Easy Motion Skin

With Easy Motion Skin – Home Edition take the liberty to workout anytime and anyplace you want! Late at night or early in the morning; at the beach, garden or in your bedroom!

Wireless Vest System

IPhone / IPad App

IPhone / IPad App helps you through a guided routine so that you can exercise by yourself without the assistance of anyone. The application provides private attention and monitors all your activities.

Studio App

Power Box

Power Box is a stimulator collaborated with the Motion Skin and the IOS App. The advanced technological implications of the Power Box makes it the soul of the Easy Motion Skin.

Cloud Service

Cloud Services

Easy Motion Skin cloud services helps you to use this cloud based service from anywhere and anytime you like! Moreover, you can also share the access with your trainer, use customer administration or generally check training records.

Exclusively Available on Iphone Download the IOS application to monitor Easy Motion Skin

Private Edition Package