Effects of Easy Motion Skin

  • Offers weight loss, fat reduction and toning of muscles
  • Improves muscle condition and endurance
  • Advances oxygen consumption at the anaerobic threshold
  • Age-related fractures are prevented, particularly vertebrogenic compression fractures
  • Jumps and sprint studies showed improvements in competitive athletes
  • Continual use may contribute in positive effects on body posture
  • Usage of EMS increases resistance to stress and high loads.

EMS Training Under Conditions

  • Under post-operative conditions EMS therapy using low-current stimulation on the inactive muscles.
  • Under the osteoporosis improves bone density measurement and physical capacity.
  • Under the condition of muscle tension and contractures EMS training proves the best means of body functioning.
  • Under the condition of cervical and lumbar syndromes, the electrical current effects the deep muscles which are difficult to reach using conventional treatments. This enables to tackle the conditions of back pain and neck pain in simple words.

EMS Training for Elderly

  • EMS training is extremely beneficial for older patients with chronic vein thrombosis.
  • Progressive use of EMS training boosts the hormone-producing structures. These include the thyroid gland, adrenal cortex, the pancreas, the gonads and several other ageing illnesses.
  • Usage of Easy Motion Skin allows interaction of physical activities and develops healthy bone structure in the elderly as well.
  • Compressive and stretchable forces are effected through EMS training with Easy Motion Skin that also intensifies strength and bone mineralization.
  • With EMS training keep your muscular ‘corset’ in top condition as well as you can improve it.
  • Easy Motion Skin significantly offers strength gains are also evident in elderly exercisers.

EMS for Diagnosed Disability

  • For The Obese: Higher voltage of the EMS device would have to be turned up to affect the muscles underneath the subcutaneous fat promoting to lose weight faster.
  • For Infraction: EMS training enables an effective metabolism through heightened exertion that benefits people with infraction.
  • Cardiac Inefficiency: Conventional training regimens put too much strain on people suffering from heart failure, however, EMS training could reap the benefits without over-exerting themselves.
  • Diabetes Mellitus: For stable type II diabetics the usage of EMS training has been advantageous.
  • Muscular Dystrophy: Glucose utilization in the muscles increases along with basic metabolic rate, mental acuity as well as the blood sugar levels drop.
  • Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): It was noted that EMS training improves efficiency in the respiratory muscles, especially the intercostal muscles as well as expels air which is a decisive improvement for those suffering from COPD.