Easy Motion Skin stimulates circulation and promotes fat loss, strengthens back and evens out muscular imbalance. Easy Motion Skin offers an intensive strength training that is accomplished through no real weights but virtual pressure points. This omits the dangerous pressure on joints and spinal discs. You may clean your house or just go shopping wearing your Easy Motion Skin and get the body you always wanted.

Just fill up the authorization form and we will provide you with the complete solution from setting up a gym in the location of your choice and training you through all the perquisites required for an Easy Motion Skin Gym in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE.

Invest on Easy Motion Skin for your gym and get multi-user Motion Skin, a Power Box (with charging device, vest solution and the multi app credentials for IOS devices from the Apple App Store training sessions. Gyms have increased software demands, for example being able to save customers and their training successes in the system; gym is provided with a commercially unlimited user license. Gym are also assisted with complete setup support offering A-Z solutions such as helping to find ideal gym location, décor and modulation of the gym, advertising and marketing support, aid on training and instructors and much more.

The Easy Motion Skin has a single-user Motion Skin, a Power Box (with charging device) and the app credentials for IOS devices from the Apple App Store. The Easy Motion Skin® can be managed via your iPhone and/or iPad. Easy Motion Skin home edition is intended for one or least 2 people with an additional license. It consists of simplified trainer registration and a step-by-step training program.

Easy Motion Skin is suitable for adults willing to improvise their physical appearance and transform themselves into that perfect body.

Easy Motion Skin cannot be bought online as it is an intensive training device and need a trainer or instructor. You can use it on your own once you are properly trained in this regards. Smart Dealers distribute Easy Motion Skin to several gyms in UAE – wherein the personal trainers and certified partners can provide you with the best possible service. Find an Easy Motion Skin EMS Gym

Easy Motion Skin offers a virtually universal training device that activates the muscles and stimulates the entire body enforcing fat reduction and ultimate weight loss. The frequencies generated through Easy Motion Skin actives more than 90% of your muscles as well as targets specific muscle group that subsequently enhances the results.
Easy Motion Skin is an ideal training module for athletes and non-athletes. Based on your body’s requirements, you can custom your own power reserves, engage with advance workout modules or simply participate in even movements combined with activation/stimulation.

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A statutory warranty is provided however, system’s electrodes are consumables and must be properly handled as a high-tech product. A basic repair is offered but if we are unable to fix, you will need to purchase a new Easy Motion Skin or individual electrodes for the vest systems.

Easy Motion Skin continually monitors the current and if this suddenly changes, the affected channel immediately reduces to 1% or half of its set intensity. Once it is repositioned, the affected channel can be manually connected. Also at times, some channels of Easy Motion Skin needs to be properly charged up and turn green before usage for complete intensity.