Smart Dealers Sports Equipment is an extremely innovative company which works on developing and distributing technology that empowers fitness, that has been created by most famous scientists from Germany. Our aim is to introduce the Gulf region with inventive health concerned devices, sports equipment and the best muscle stimulators on the market – Easy Motion Skin. We have a distinctly motivated team of experts at our disposal to not only take you through the program of constructing an authorized EMS gym but also to help you know the Easy Motion Skin’s efficiency, training abilities and features.

Easy Motion Skin is a pioneering product in the field of “Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation” presented for-the-first-time in UAE by Smart Dealers Sports Equipment. We are giving you the prospect to capitalize on this next-generation exercising and workout module. Come join hands with us and become an authorized EMS gym of Easy Motion Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, any other Emirates in UAE or even in parts of the Middle East.

To be a part of this German-made new opportunity you could fill in the Authorization Form on this website or just call us to know the requirements.
Come, become a distributor of Easy Motion Skin and invest in a groundbreaking venture today!

Becoming an Authorized Gym of Easy Motion Skin –

  • Create The Smallest Gym System
  • Offer Time Effective Workout Regimes
  • Become A Provider of Private Training Modules
  • Bid On the Unique Selling Point with Wireless EMS Franchises
  • Become Brand Ambassadors for High Intensified Sports
  • Deliver an expertise system for studio / trainers /home users

Become an authorized EMS Gym of Easy Motion Skin with Smart Dealers Sports Equipment – the first wireless EMS providers in the fitness industry in UAE.

Start an Authorized EMS Gym