• German Technology Wireless EMS
    Wireless EMS developed by the most well known Scientist and Heart Specialists of German
  • World’s First Wireless EMS Suit
    Smart Dealers offers complete freedom with Easy Motion Skin world’s only wireless EMS Suit.
  • Embarking New Possibilities
    Smart Dealers embarks on inventive possibilities and pioneering ventures with Easy Motion Skin.
  • Imparting Innovation
    Dealers of innovative EMS fitness technology, offering smart ways to get into shape in no time!

Easy Motion Skin – The First Wireless EMS Training Suit of Middle East in Dubai and across UAE.

Easy Motion Skin – EMS Dubai UAE offers a groundbreaking solution for instant weight loss, toned body, muscle stimulation and strengthening.

The Middle East including the United Arab Emirates has found the easiest way to get fit in no time! Smart Dealers Sports Equipment LLC introduces a revolutionary product called Easy Motion Skin (EMS) that has been manufactured by famous scientists from Germany. Easy Motion Skin is the only wireless and best muscle stimulator in the world. The Easy Motion Skin Technology is a next generation training device that bids on an effective strengthening of muscles, offering a timely workout regime that builds in electrodes and subsequently stimulates the muscle groups. EMS is a wireless German technology that also works as an electric muscle toner that makes the body supple and smooth along with weight loss.

At Smart Dealers Sports Equipment LLC in Dubai, Easy Motion Skin can be bought for both commercial purposes as a Studio Edition as well as personal use as a Private Edition. You can start EMS training Germany franchises or use it as a private edition in UAE only with Smart Dealers Sports Equipment LLC. Know thoroughly on what you are investing in – take up a free trial session or contact us and our professional staff are here to advise you. Visit us to know more about EMS fitness business opportunity or call for an appointment.

Smart Dealers Sports Equipment LLC – EMS Dubai – UAE

Smart Dealers Sports Equipment L.L.C. Presents the First Wireless EMS of Middle East in UAE.
Smart Dealer - Easy Motion Skin

Easy Motion Skin fabric is antibacterial, light and soft on skin..

No external moistening, makes it easy to performs activities of all kinds.

Over 30 plus dynamic workout programs structure for athletes and non- athletes.

Opt for an iOS app controlled workout sessions or a certified personal trainer

Quick, safe and constructive workout for all age groups.

Use the technology to increase your muscle mass and reach fitness goal.


The Easy Motion Skin is an integrated electro-muscle-stimulator that burns fat 20 times more efficiently than a regular workout routine. EMS system stimulates up to 90% of your muscles instantaneously and evenly through the body, making it toner and slimmer. It is the only technology of Middle East available in UAE that provides you a wireless electro-muscle-stimulator. You are not restricted with cable or wires. Just wear the Easy Motion Skin and run along the park or play your favourite game on the court. Here are the steps involved to get in track with EMS:

1 Wear the
Motion Skin
Plug the Power Box
3 Monitor on Application

Exclusively Available on IphoneDownload the IOS application to monitor Easy Motion Skin

EMS Technology

At Smart Dealers Sports Equipment, we recognize the expansion of wearable technology through EMS Dubai-UAE, that has revolutionized the world.

Easy Motion Skin EMS Wireless


Easy Motion Skin is a wireless EMS product – a one-of-its-kind in the market. Motion Skin is the suit that ensures comfort and elasticity with efficient workout.

Easy Motion Skin EMS Wireless


Wireless Vest System is a supplementary EMS traning suit to the Easy Motion Skin providing aid to different body types as well as offers possibilities of an intensive studio EMS regime.

Easy Motion Skin EMS Wireless


Power Box is an integrated stimulator created through advanced technology inclined with the Motion Skin and the IOS App. The advanced mechanisms of the Power Box are the soul of the product.

Easy Motion Skin EMS Wireless


Control and track the workout regime through an inventively connected IOS application on the iPhone or iPad. The application allows regular monitoring and supervision as well as links the trainer with the trainee at all times.